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18 June
Open Afternoon

19-25 June
7 days course with Rahul Bharti

26-30 June
5 days ancient Thai massage Level 1

Register for the Open Afternoon only
Register: 7 days (+ Open Day)
Register: 5 days Thai massage
7 DAYS  Self-healing, the energetic system + holistic wellbeing
with Rahul Bharti
Tuesday 18th June – OPEN AFTERNOON
MEET RAHUL BHARTI: Discover his world. Understand his treatment methods, ask him about your health problems and receive treatment (depending on the time and the number of participants). All his treatments are free. We ask you to contribute towards the general costs of his visit. This open afternoon is recommended for caregivers and all kinds of health and wellbeing practitioners and therapists (physiotherapists, osteopaths, doctors...) to observe and learn.

- Entry upon free donation / pay what you feel (minimum 10€).

- To register click here.

June 19-25 – COURSE
LA GRANDE SANTÉ: Discover the foundations of the energetic body and how to take care of yourself emotionally, physically and energetically. 

Early bird rate for registration before 1st March:  €800 instead of €890. To register, click here.

We are more than our physical body and our mind. We also have an energetic system! Rahul takes you on a journey where you will learn the structure and functioning of your energy body. Understanding this system is the basis of healing. This helps you to recognise energetic blockages both in yourself and others. Specific exercises will be taught to improve the quality of your life by helping you to deal with common issues, ailments, and imbalances. The course is open to all, beginners, people in difficulty or therapists. Subject matter will vary depending on the group and your emerging questions during the course of the week.


Teaching methods: Practical exercises, explanations, talking circles, treatments. . .


Anatomy and physiology of the energetic system: the soul, the 7 major chakras, masculine and feminine energy, the elements: water-fire-wind etc., understanding the energy circuit and the soul

Self-healing: detoxification program, grounding and balancing your energy

Meditations, mantras and breathwork exercises 

Take care of your roots

Tibetan singing bowls

Ancient healing: a laying hands treatment to heal all the energetic centres of the body

COURSE HOURS: From 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

PRICE €890 for the 7 days course or €800 before March 1st.

REGISTRATION: Register by filling out this form here. Deposit required: €200 by cheque / bank transfer.

For all questions, contact us by mail or on 06 69 01 04 17

THE PLACE: La Geodele


The project of Shervin and Jennifer Boostani, the idea of ​​La Geodele is “natural well-being”. Currently under construction, this wonderful place is planned as a center for hosting groups. On the edge of a very small hamlet nestled in the Couserans, with a view of the Pyrenees and 6500m2 of oak forest, bamboo plantation and camping orchard at the end of its large garden, the place immerses us in the tranquility of nature.


Address: Lieu dit Cap de las Bordes, 09230 Cerizols 

Access: by car, 1h from Toulouse, 1h from Foix, 1h30 

               by train, Boussens or Cazeres station.  Shuttle possible from                                             Boussens/Cazeres/Toulouse



Full board accommodation for the 7 days:

single room (places limited to 3) €525

- camping (tent not provided)  €385

- camping (tent and bed provided) 455€


For information, the basis for full board/per person calculations:

single room: 30€/night (places limited to 3),

camping with the tent + bed provided: 20€/night

camping without the tent provided: €10/night.


Additional night possible and financial contribution to additional meals.


Meals without on-site accommodation:


Breakfast: 10€

Lunch + dinner: 

June 18-21: €15/vegetarian meal with someone cooking

June 22-25: €16/Ayurvedic-balanced vegetarian meals


==> Participants help to set the table, clear + washing dishes :)

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