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Many different kinds of sound can be therapeutic. Sound and music have been used for many millennia as tools to expand and awaken deeper states of consciousness and to correct energetic imbalances. 

Tibetan singing bowls have been used for thousands of years, initially for meditation purposes and then as a healing tool for mental, emotional and physical regeneration.

The bowls we use at La Geodele are forged with alloys containing nine precious metals: gold, silver, mercury, copper, iron, tin, nickel, zinc and lead.

The sessions we offer start from ~30 minutes and can go up to 1h30. 

Suggested donation : €20 per 30 minute session.

How it works

Physical + energetic

Our bodies are made up of 65% water. When we perceive sound, the soundwaves which pass through us cause the water in us to vibrate at the same frequencies as these waves of sound. 

The immediate physical and energetic impacts include

- Deep relaxation

- Muscle regeneration 

- Pain relief including joints, muscles, sciatica, headaches and migraine, spinal injuries

These soundwaves, effectively vibrations on an atomic level, can help the atoms, molecules, cells, tissues and organs of the body to work together in a more synchronised way, which generates overall improvement in bodily functions such as: 

- Improved digestive functioning

- Improved synaptic response

- Improved blood circulation, stabilised blood pressure

- Boosting elimination of toxins from the body

- Improved hormonal functioning, e.g. adrenal gland stimulation and regulation.

- Improved immune system functioning

- Opening electro-neural channels, allowing the body's bioelectrical charges to flow more easily

Mental + psycho-emotional

Studies of electromagnetic brainwave analyses have determined clearly recognisable waves, related to different states of consciousness.

In the "normal" state of everyday consciousness, our brains generate beta waves. 

Alpha waves are present during states of meditation and calm consciousness.

The soundwaves produced by singing bowls have been recorded, scientifically analysed, and found to present the same patterns as the alpha waves produced by our brain in a meditative state. 

The mental and psycho-emotional effects of vibrational sound therapy with singing bowls include:

- relaxed mind

- release of mental/emotional tensions and blockages

- improved concentration

- connection to and release of deep emotions

- feelings of energy and strength

- lessening of mental or emotional pain

- boosted self-confidence, creative and productive potential

Tibetan singing bowls can also help neurodivergent people who experience agitated mental states.

Vibrational sound therapy : Tibetan singing bowls

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