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Holistic Massage

Holistic oil massage using a range of techniques drawing mostly from Swedish and Californian styles. 

All massages use hypoallergenic grapeseed or sweet almond oil. Optional essential oils, carefully selected based on your needs and personal profile, may also be added to enhance the experience.

-  Plunges you into deep relaxation

- Relieves muscular and mental tensions, bringing new awareness to the body and mind
- Stimulates blood and lymph circulation, helping to  eliminate toxins 
- Boosts elasticity in skin and fascial tissues

Full body massage  1h20 : 75€

Shoulders, neck + head  30m : 35€

Feet, hands + face  30m : 35€

Focus: back  30m : 35€

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*Price lists are standard massage formulas.  

For individually tailored sessions, contact us. 

Thai Massage

Deeply grounding energetic massage. Thai yoga massage, aka Thai Nuad Boren, is given on a light floor mattress, fully dressed in loose comfortable clothing.


Based on Ayurvedic principles and sharing roots with Shiatsu, Thai massage works on meridian lines (bio-energetic channels) to tap into mental and emotional as well as physical aspects.

An excellent sports massage, it combines assisted stretches, acupressure points, and deep fascia release, to give you all the benefits of yoga without moving a muscle yourself !

- Revitalises the body and mind, bringing balance

- Regulates the energetic system

- Encourages physical, emotional and energetic release

- Relieves deeply held tensions

Full body massage  1h40 : 90€

Pregnancy full body  1h40 : 90€

Feet, legs + back     1hr : 65€

Shoulders, neck + head  30m : 35€

Focus on back  30m : 35€

Focus on feet  30m : 35€

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Chair Massage

Sink into blissful relaxation - even if you only have a few minutes.  Seated chair massage is ideal for short, targeted massage treatments - perfect for when time or space are limited, and in group or public environments.

The design of the traditional massage chair supports you in a relaxed, semi-upright position, removing the weight of gravity and allowing  access to almost your entire body without you needing to turn or remove any clothing. 

Includes techniques from Thai, holistic, Ayurvedic and physiotherapy massage. With 360 access, each massage is tailored to the individual, targeting problem areas and getting straight to the source of tensions. 

Contact us to book on-site chair massage for your event or workplace !

Individual chair massage:

10m : 15€

20m : 25€

30m : 35€

For your event or workplace : price negotiable based on total duration - contact us to discuss 

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